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  • Alarm Systems

    An Intruder Alarm from Phonelink Security is an excellent way to begin securing your business at an affordable price with pricing starting from only €599 for a wired system and €699 for a wireless system.

    Our alarm system use perimeter detection to ensure that our alarm activates if someone is attempting to gain entry to your property unlike other systems which only activate once the intruder has entered your property when internal movement sensors are triggered.

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  • CCTV

    A CCTV System from Phonelink Security can provide you with real peace of mind as you can view live images of your business via your smartphone letting you check in on it wherever you are.

    Unlike people our CCTV systems never sleep providing a live recorded view 24/7 allowing you to go back and review footage down to the second which can be critical in providing evidence.

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  • Fire Systems

    Commercial Fire Alarm Systems from Phonelink Security combine both fire and life safety solutions for added protection ensuring that in the alarm is raised quickly in the event of an emergency.

    Phonelink Security can install, certify and maintain your system to the Irish Standard providing you with the knowledge that your fire safety system is fully compliant and safe.

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  • Access Control

    Access Control from Phonelink Security allows you to control who accesses your property and when. We can supply and fit a range of access controls solutions such as door intercoms and electric gates.

    We offer both audio and video intercom systems which allow you to verifiy who is calling to your property and in turn deter unwanted access.

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  • Security Lighting

    Security Lighting from Phonelink Security provides you with peace of mind during dark winter nights and acts as handy outdoor lighting for your staff leaving late at night.

    By lighting up your home at night you eliminate one of a burglers greatest hiding places, the dark. With our motion activated security lights you can draw attention to your property when someone is lurking.

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